Why Invest With Us?

*Before considering an investment please request a copy of Fisgard’s Offering Memorandum that details risk. Mortgage investments are not guaranteed, returns may fluctuate and past performance may not be repeated.

Why Invest with Us?

Investing means protecting your principal and growing your money safely over time. When you speculate and take chances with stocks and mutual funds you risk losing not only any gains you may have made, but also your principal. That means putting your hard-earned retirement and future comfort in jeopardy.

Fisgard puts the safety of your principal first. With regular modest additions to your principal and reinvestment of dividends harnessed to the power of compound interest, your money grows steadily and reliably, building the retirement nest egg you can count on.

How do I invest with Fisgard?

You can invest cash and Registered Plan funds such as the RRSP, TFSA or RRIF. You can also transfer Registered funds from another institution to Fisgard. Just call, and we’ll do it for you.

Compound Your Interest

Compound interest is the most powerful investment tool available to the prudent patient investor. Perhaps that’s why Albert Einstein called compound interest the 8TH WONDER OF THE WORLD.

Fisgard investors achieve faster growth simply by reinvesting their dividends. Compound interest increases your investment exponentially without any work. Unlike most banks that compound your interest once a year, Fisgard compounds your interest four times a year!

Look at how your investment can grow through compound interest.

Compound Interest at Work

Your investment can achieve amazing growth with the power of compound interest. In our example an investment of $15,000 over 30 years can earn $33,750 in simple interest but can earn $126,323 with compound interest, a whopping $92,573 more than simple interest!

* Calculation is based on a 7.5% return for illustration purposes only.